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The primary purpose of the multi-diciplinary Sexual Abuse Assessment Team is to assist with the assessment of both the victim and the perpetrator of sexual abuse in order to provide the client, be that the accused, the accuser, the attorney, the family advocate or the court with a complete assessment of the alledged event. Experts in the field of human behaviour combined with medical professionals can be of immense assistance in determining a just and practical course of action in cases involving sexual abuse. The primary purpose of the assessment teams report is to provide the client with concise and precise information about the alleged abuse. The greatest asset of the assesment report lies in the area of the eliminination of doubt and the offering of possible solutions and alternatives, including:

The content of the report can be used as a source of information in the preparation and planning of the offender's or victims treatment and rehabilitation program and should be prepared with this in mind.

The purpose of an assessment is to determine whether the alledged sexual abuse has taken place and/or whether the alledged purpetrator is grooming the child with the intention of abusing him/her in the future. Should this be the case steps can be taken to avert such abuse.


The primary goal and value of the multi-diciplinary assesment team is to provide the client with a "one stop" assessment option. By forming a team of this nature a report can be generated in which the entire alleged abusive situation can be assessed. The medical team will perform all thel medical functions and including rape kits should they be necessary. The criminological team will assess the criminological aspects involved in the case and decide on the most appropriate action to follow. Including assisting the client with Protection orders should they be necessary. The poligraphist will determing the current and future threat level in the case, allowing the client to make informed decisions about risk in the future management of the case. The team is a first in South Africa, but with the levels of sexual abuse and abuse against women and children on the rise, it is perhaps overdue. For the first time the case information will be presented in one cohesive report together with the supporting documentation, making it more complete, easy to use and less likely to contain errors.


BA Community Safety and Socio-Legal Studies with Specialization in Offender Profiling(UNISA)
BA Honours in Criminology (UNISA)
HIV Care and Counselling (UNISA) 1 year course
Forensic Criminology Workshop (UNISA)

PERSONAL PROFILE: Laurie is a Forensic Criminologist and appears in court as an expert witness. She is comfortable in court and is held in high regard as a witness. Laurie holds a specialist degree in Offender Profiling as well as and honours in Criminology. She has extensive training and experience in both Investigative Body Language, Veracity Testing, Interviewing and interrogation and the assessment of offenders and victims of crime.
Laurie Pieters has been a guest speaker at the North-West University in Potcheftroom giving talks on the role of offender profiling, the various Paraphilias including Pedophilia and sexual sadism and personality disorders found in serial offenders. She is also a motivational and guest speaker at numerous functions where she gives talks on a variety of topics including surviving abuse.
Laurie Pieters is the Author of the controversial new book, Shattered Lives The Story Of Advocate Barbie in which she and co author Liezl Thom tell the story of one of most infamous sex crimes trials South Africa’s history. She was a key witness for the prosecution in the Visser trial. The book has just reached best seller status. Because of her involvement in this case she became passionate about the investigation and combatting of crimes of a sexual nature. To this end she set about the establishment of this team.
She has appeared as a guest on SABC News, E-News, where she discussed the profile of serial rapist and measures women can take to prevent becoming victims of these predators. She is soon to appear on the new docu-drama Series Crimes Uncovered in an interview to air in mid2012. She was recently interviewed by Ray White  and Kgomotso Matsunyane Radio 702, Anne Boves and Kobus Rudolph on Radio Rippel and Riaan van Heerden on Radio Jacaranda, where the book was discussed in detail. She has been featured in numerous national magazine articles including Cosmopolitan, Finesse, Huisgenoot, You, Sarie and Rooi Rose.

MBCHB (University of Pretoria)

PERSONAL PROFILE: Sunita has a strong value system that advocates honesty, integrity, discipline, loyalty and dedication. I am self-motivated, well organized, and punctual making the experience of the assessment process more bearable for our clients who find themselves in difficult and tramatising situation. She thrives on and accepts responsibility and challenges. Her relationships with her colleagues and her patiets successful, due to her strong interpersonal skills and professionalism. She is both empathetic and warm with her patients allowing them to feel comfortable and to be both honest and open with her.

Dr. Ramjee completed her community service with the Gauteng Health Services in 2000. From 2001 until 2006 she was emplyed as a Senior Medical Officer in the Internal Medicine Department at 1 Military Hospital. She has years of experience in trauma from her time spent doing session work as a casualty officer in casualty department at the hospital and is experienced at dealing with traumatised patients. SHe is well versed in the Medico-Legal Services which include but are not limited to the examination of rape victims and the examination of intoxicated drivers. She has been the co investigator in numerous trials to date. She was the doctor assigned to 1 Military Hospitals Hospice where she gained experience in the treatment of termanally ill patients. Here she also worked extensivly with the traetment of patients in the HIV terminal care unit. She regulary assists with Geriatric care by rendering medical care to patients in old age homes and frail care centres.Since 2006 she has been a Principal Medical Officer in the Department of Psychiatry at 1 Military Hospital where she continues to serve. Her Academic duties Include teaching of interns, medical and nursing students and assisting with co-ordination of academic programme.

Dr. Ramjee is registered with:


PERSONAL PROFILE: Coen is a qualified, responsible polygraph examiner with proven ability to assist any contracting person or company in polygraph or truth verification field (Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception). He is efficient, honest and competent with interpersonal skills enabling the examiner to work at the highest level when needed. He is very experienced and able to travel abroad and work alone when required to do so. He is able to co-operate with interpreters and investigators of private and state concerns when needed to do so, due to former exposure and experience. He has the ability to understand computerized systems and IT-applications. he is able to grasp specialized physical and information security applications due to the former positions he has held.
Coen's key skills include but are not limited to, extensive experience as polygraph investigator and examiner since 1986, with skills in questioning and interrogation. Broad experience in polygraph examination of truthful and dishonest people – with more than 20 000 examinations completed to date. Coen is able to contribute to investigations into theft, fraud, assault, arson, robbery, sexual misconduct and related subjects such as child abuse. He has the ability to apply questioning techniques and skills with comfort allowing him to arrive at conclusions and regularly gain admissions for clients. Coen is also well versed in giving testimony in court, the CCMA or disciplinary hearings for clients in Industry and Commerce.
His existing and former clients comprise Departments of the State, SA Police, Banks, large corporations, companies of various sizes, labour - and trade unions as well as specialists in sociological - and psychological fields and private individuals. These are positioned in the RSA as well as Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Angola and Lesotho.


Advanced Polygraph Training at American Polygraph Association (APA)
1996 in Las Vegas USA
Advanced Polygraph Training at Israel Polygraph Institute (IPI)
Various from 1987 till 1989 in Israel
Basic Polygraph Training Course and Internship completed in SA  
Completed in 1987
BA Degree Political Science and International politics at University of South Africa
Completed in 1990
Computer Programming: COBOL
Completed in 1981
All Basic Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Training Courses of NIS successfully completed as well as National Intelligence Managerial Course in 1990



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